You are free to make use of any freebies I’m sharing in any project, personal or commercial, including but not limited to software programs, websites, web templates or any other digital or printed material.

No attribution or backlinks are required, but it always makes me fuzzy and warm inside when it happens.


  • Using the freebies in projects for your clients
    • Absolutely!
  • Getting inspiration from your freebies
    • Oh yes! I’d love to see what you come up with too!
  • Coding the freebies
    • Sure thing! Hit me up with your coded version, I’ll happily link you!
  • Using a freebie in a file you plan on selling multiple times
    • As long as it’s not the main subject of the file being sold – Hell YES! Again, no attribution required.


  • Making the freebies available on your site
    • Not directly, unless you have my consent. Otherwise link to the freebie’s page
  • Linking from your website directly to the download location
    • This is a no-no, please link to the freebie’s page. That’ll make me happy as a bee. (Plus download links change automatically)
  • Passing my work as your own
    • That’ll ruin the internets. You don’t want that, do you?